EBA provides and supply a wide range of pumps including different types grout pump from handheld to mechanized pumps. It is designed to pump a wide variety of high viscosity slurry and grouts.

Our submersible pump has a sealed motor closely coupled to the pump body and pushes water to the surface. Centrifugal water pump uses a motor to move an impeller, converting rotational energy into kinetic energy, pushing water through the chamber or casing.

Our PU injection pump is designed for the injection of single shot polyurethane grouts or epoxy resins.With options like the electrical version or the conventional engineered drill version.

Our airless paint sprayer will speed up a project up while leaving a consistent, even coat behind on the thing you are painting. It greatly increases the productivity and efficiency tremendously.

Our airless line stripper piston pump works on parking lots, fields, road markings and etc. With the easy maneuverability, making turns on stenciling has never been so easy, fast and precise.

Our multi-functional putty plaster sprayer could achieve spraying various decorations putty in high concentration. Creating finishes and custom designs tailored to your needs.