En En Loh
Business Development Director
From April 2007 to Present | 17 years


business development director is responsible for driving a company’s business and increasing its revenue, identifying and developing new business opportunities and building and expanding the presence of the company and its brands.

A business development director also leads sales and client-relationship management, tracks new markets and emerging trends, recommends new products and services, proposes and develops new strategic partnerships, writes proposals and plans, and guides long-term objectives to meet business needs and requirements.


Experienced, innovative and daring Director with a demonstrated history of working in the construction & machinery industry.

Skilled in Sales, Sales Management, Business Matching, Contract Negotiation, and Project Management.

Strong professional with a Blockchain innovation strategy programme focused in Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services from Nanyang Technological University.

Bi-lingual in English and Mandarin. Graduated from CEO Management Course in Chinese from Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Business Leaders
Serial Entrepreneur /Angel Investor/Certified Digital Marketer/Proud Mother of 3 beautiful princesses